One Step Swimmer's Shampoo /Conditioner

One Step Swimmer's Shampoo /Conditioner


Swimming’s great for your physical and mental health—but your hair? Not so much. Chlorine and other pool additives leave your hair dried out, faded, brittle, straw-like, smelly, hard to brush, easily entangled, and—if you’re a blonde—with a green tint.

This probably isn’t the sort of fashion statement you want to make. So do something about it, using our combined shampoo and conditioner, created specifically to prevent and treat damage to swimmers’ hair.

Product Features

Gentle cleansing: a deep clean that's safe for daily use

Salon-quality conditioning: leaves hair soft, smooth, full-bodied, and vibrant

Just for swimmers: neutralizes chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals and metals

Green solution: prevents and removes green tint

Protects & repairs: adds moisture and vitamins to hair

Moisturizes & nourishes: contains aloe vera, vitamin E, and pro-vitamin B5

Eliminates odors: gets rid of chlorine and other pool chemical smells

Fresh fragrance: fresh juniper scent

Paraben Free: does not contain paraben preservatives

Size: 8oz, easy to hold, recyclable bottle and cap

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