True Ames Side Bites Futures 3.25"

True Ames Side Bites Futures 3.25"


( 2 Fin Set ) The 3.25” side bite came about accidentally while experimenting with center fins. After breaking the 7.5” center fin, a friend loaned Tom Parrish a 5.5” fin for his 8’6” mini long board. Doubtful that the smaller fin would hold he found after a few waves the board was noticeably looser and still did not spin out. This led to wanting to try smaller side fins as well.

This 3/4" Fin Base Does Not Fit For Rear Quad

HEIGHT: 3.25” / 84 mm 
BASE: 3.25” / 84 mm
AREA: 8.38”² /  54.06 cm²

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