SS24, 24" Snub Nose, Stainless Steel

SS24, 24" Snub Nose, Stainless Steel


In the making of A.B. Biller tubular spearguns, specially manufactured, sandblasted 1″ diameter stainless steel is used exclusively. A unique sealplug prevents water seepage into the gun barrel and is guaranteed to withstand pressure to a 200′ depth. One to three Nylon guide rings (depending on the length of the speargun) assures accurate and quiet projection of the shaft when released.

The stainless steel speargun is available with the same standard features as its wooden counterpart, including hardened stainless spring steel shaft; hardened stainless spring steel double barb, rockpoint, swivel tip; two 9/16″ gun bands; and the redesigned grip and trigger mechanism, with a safety that can be installed to accommodate both right- and left-handed divers.

Comes with everything you need installed, including a great rotating, spring stainless steel rock tip with barb-clip for easily removing fish.

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