Mares STEN Pneumatic Spear Guns

Mares STEN Pneumatic Spear Guns

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The Mares Sten series of pneumatic spear guns is a favorite among north coast divers and countless spearfishing people around the world, who appreciate its precision, power, and reliability. For their size pneumatic spear guns have greater power than longer band guns, for venturing into tight spots, and making them easier to stow, maneuver, and carry.

Pneumatic spear guns have a pressurized barrel that acts as its power source, which can be adjust. All but the Sten Mini Mini also have a high and low range setting, to adjust for bigger or smaller fish and more or less distance. The pressurizeD barrel operates with a piston mechanism at the muzzle, and therefore, no air is lost when shooting…just cock and shoot again!

Comes complete with adjustment pump, shaft, tip, line, and loader. The Mini Mini also comes with a holster.


  • Comes in 3 sizes

  • Reinforced nose cone and steel line guide

  • Ergonomic handle with white grip for increased visibility

  • 8 mm threaded shaft

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