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  • Intuitive and versatile design.
  • 4 operating modes for different diving situations.
  • Switch easily between 2 Nitrox mixes.
  • User-changeable standard battery for hassle-free replacements.
  • Seamless switching between Freediving and Dive modes.

The Aqualung i200c is not just a dive computer, it's an intuitive and sporty companion for all your underwater adventures. With its fresh design and easy versatility, you'll find yourself wearing the i200c as an everyday sports watch that is always ready to dive when you are. Whether you're exploring vibrant coral reefs, diving with majestic marine life, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim, the i200c will enhance your diving experience. Featuring 4 operating modes, the i200c offers the flexibility you need to adapt to any diving situation. From the ease of use in Air mode to the enhanced safety of Nitrox mode, this dive computer caters to divers of all levels. Switching between 2 Nitrox mixes is a breeze, allowing you to explore different depths and maximize your bottom time. One of the standout features of the i200c is its user-changeable standard battery. Say goodbye to the hassle of sending your dive computer for battery replacement. With the i200c, you can simply swap out the battery yourself and get back in the water in no time. Designed with the diver's convenience in mind, the i200c allows for seamless switching between Freediving and Dive modes. Whether you're exploring the depths or enjoying the freedom of diving without a tank, the i200c adapts to your style.