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Swimmers Own Shower Gel

Swimmer’s Own

You wouldn’t trade in your daily swim for anything, but you didn’t sign up for the dried out, itchy skin with the strong chlorine scent.

The unique swimmer’s life poses some unique personal care challenges. Now there’s a unique solution for the skin irritation and lingering odors that come with the sport.

Product Features

Gentle cleansing: a shower gel safe for facial and daily use

Just for swimmers: neutralizes chlorine and other chemicals to prevent skin damage

Moisturizes & nourishes: contains aloe vera and vitamin E

Eliminates odors: gets rid of chlorine and other pool chemical smells

Fresh fragrance: subtle cotton blossom scent

Paraben-free: does not contain paraben preservatives

Bottle: 8oz, easy to hold, recyclable bottle and cap

How to Use

  • iconDispense amount required for a nice lather; amount used varies based on water hardness
  • iconLather well over body, paying particular attention to areas with strong chlorine smell
  • iconRinse for fresh, clean skin