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Thermo Flex 3mm Gloves

Neptonics Thermo Flex 3 – 5mm Gloves

These neoprene diving gloves are the best insulated freedive hunting and spearfishing gloves we have used. Ultra supple, comfortable, and very warm, yet the most durable and toughest neoprene gloves you'll ever wear! Made with Yamamoto 3mm & 5mm neoprene. The palm is made of ultra-resistant, durable, and chaffing-resistant Kanoco material, reinforced with tough honeycomb armor, made of polyurethane material, giving them an incredible gripping power that is virtually indestructible! The seams are double coated with liquid polyurethane, making them virtually impossible to unravel or come apart. Thanks to their great design and elasticity, these are the warmest and most comfortable diving gloves made with zero water circulation inside.
  • Seams are double coated with liquid polyurethane
  • Extremely flexible, durable & tough
  • Made with Yamamoto 3mm & 5mm neoprene
  • Hex Armor Palms