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 2112 Armory Drive, Santa Rosa, CA  |  707-542-3100   |

  1.        This agreement is between SEALS Watersports (Owner) and the “Renter” and signee of the items listed below:
  2.        The Owner of the equipment agrees to rent items in good condition or to list any imperfections herein in writing, of which the Renter is not further responsible.
  3.        The Renter agrees to use and maintain all equipment without causing damage; and further agrees to replace any damaged or lost items AT THEIR FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE, allowing the Owner to order or pull new product from inventory to replace said items so they can immediately be placed back into rental use to avoid any further loss of rental income. Renter agrees and gives the Owner permission to charge the Renter’s credit card for any lost or damaged items without further consent.
  4.        Renter agrees to RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT CLEAN on the Return Date by 5:30 PM, ready to be immediately rented out to the next customer, or to pay for additional days of rental. Failure to wash gear will result in a $25 CLEANING FEE.
  5.        Renter accepts and agrees that all fees for the dates listed above, are NON-REFUNDABLE, whether used or unused, for ANY reason.

 I, THE UNDERSIGNED, have read and do agree to the above terms and conditions, including paying additional fees for late, damaged, lost, or          unwashed items. I have inspected and accounted for all the items listed here and accept full responsibility for said items until returned under the terms of this agreement. Please keep my Credit Card #________________________________________________ exp.___/___ cvc_______ on file until I return, for which you have my authorization to charge any replacement costs, repairs, or extra rental days incurred.