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                                                                                                      Fun Dives

Looking to do some local scuba or freediving? Need a buddy, or want to meet some local divers in our area? Join us on one of our monthly fun dives. Fun dives are for local divers to get together and explore and enjoy our wonderful Sonoma and Mendocino dive locations. Jennifer, our resident dive guru, leads these trips. Fun dives are offered monthly, weather permitting. These are not training dives. We ask that all of our fun divers are prepared for cold water diving as we want these dives to be fun and safe for all. Participating divers are responsible for bringing their own equipment to and from the dives. We do have rental gear available at the shop that you can arrange for ahead of time if needed. If you plan on harvesting fish, urchins or anything else, don't forget your fishing license. Check out our calendar for what's coming up. You can also sign up below to get alerts when we schedule our next fun dive.


Caspar Beach, Mendocino County, California
Help the Kelp

Caspar Cove is open to culling purple urchins.
With some effort from divers the kelp is starting to return to the cove. 
Join the effort and participate.

California’s north coast has been devastated by declines in bull kelp, resulting in part from increases in native purple sea urchin populations. The purpose of this project is to investigate whether in-water purple urchin culling by volunteer divers can support kelp regrowth at Caspar Cove. Results will help managers determine whether in-water purple urchin culling is a useful kelp restoration tool more broadly.

Divers should only target purple urchins. If you need help distinguishing between purple and red urchins, please see the field guide below.

Each individual diver should complete one log entry per dive.

Divers must have a valid recreational fishing license (except on July 4 and Labor Day)

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