Introduction to Freediving

Introduction to Freediving


Learn and improve your freediving technique for the North Coast.

Most freediving courses are geared after the Mediterranean model done in deep, warm water. Even the PADI program has expanded their approach to meet the tropical model. So we have designed our own program applying those same tried and proven practices, but without loosing sight of the unique demands of colder, north coast diving.

Prerequisites: Minimum age 15. Fill out Medical Form. Ability to swim and tread water.

Basic equipment needed: Low volume mask, streamline non-purge snorkel, long freedive fins, 5mm or 7mm wet suit, hood, neoprene socks and gloves, weight belt and lead.

Other recommended equipment: Depth gauge or computer, float line, float, line cutting tool or knife.

Optional equipment: Fishing license if hunting, hunting gear.

Course content: Learn to think like a diver, dive planning, evaluating conditions, planning for emergencies, diving hazards, communication, regulations, breathing techniques, equalizing, and use of equipment.

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