Scubapro Knighthawk /Ladyhawk BCD w/Air 2

Scubapro Knighthawk /Ladyhawk BCD w/Air 2


SCUBAPRO Knighthawk or Ladyhawk BCD with AIR 2 Alternate Air Source Regulator

Offering a design that celebrates comfort and freedom in the water, one dive in this BC and you'll never go back.

The restyled Knighthawk / Ladyhawk, delivers this freedom of movement in a rugged, streamlined design that's well-suited to both recreational and technical diving. Strategically placed padding, an adjustable cummerbund and quick-release rotating shoulder buckles (for optimum strap routing) guarantee a comfortable and snug fit.

The integrated weight system is first-rate in both compactness and security. Once clipped in with the oversized buckles, your ballast weights won't be going anywhere unless you want them too, and then it's an easy squeeze-and-pull for the weights to quickly ditch. The Knighthawk / Ladyhawk comes with a redesigned cargo pocket and four large pre-bent stainless steel D-rings for clipping on additional gear.

Most of our customers prefer to go with the Air 2 alternate air source as we have it listed here, but the Knighthawk and Ladyhawk also come with a standard inflator ($100 less). If you would rather get one with the standard inflator, just call, or stop by the shop.


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