Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba


Try Scuba diving with a PADI Certified Scuba Instructor.

You will be guided through the basic use of equipment, cover a few underwater skills, starting in the shallow end of the pool, and then get to swim around underwater.

1-2 hours. All equipment provided.

Minimum age 10, to adult.

BEFORE SIGNING UP complete the Discover Scuba form (CLICK HERE). If you answer "Yes" to any of the medical questions, you will need a doctors release to participate in scuba. Do this first, before signing up. No cancellations or refunds for medical issues. BRING THIS COMPLETED FORM WITH YOU TO THE POOL.

12noon sharp. Please arrive a few minutes early to bring any of your own snorkeling gear that you may have to the pool area, and to be changed and ready at poolside by 12noon.

Honeybee Pool (MAP)

Magnolia Pool, Rohnert Park (MAP)

Wikiup Swim Club (MAP)


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