Scuba Class has 3 parts (approximately 32 hours) Minimum age: 10.

Part-1 - Home Study $185 (approximately 8 hours)

You will start with the PADI online eLearning program, at: www.padi.com. You can start anytime, and complete it on your own schedule. SEALS discounts or sales promotions do not apply. Before signing up, please review the PADI Medical information to make sure there are no issues. If you check "YES" on any of the questions, you will need to have your doctor complete the Physician's portion of the form. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call, at: 707-542-3100.

Part-2 - Pool Training $199 (1 day)

You will spend the day learning the in-water skills, starting in the shallows and then continue on to the deeper water - all under professional supervision of course! Please print the Required Check List, to insure you have everything ready prior to your Pool Training.

Part-3 - Ocean Training $199 (2 days, Includes Gear)

To finish, you will repeat what you did in the swimming pool during 4 Training Dives over 2 days, either here in California, or on vacation. We recommend you consider joining us and finishing your Ocean Training on one of our Tropical Trips. Click here to checkout the possibilities. We have a trip planned just for you!


You will need your own personal Mask, Snorkel, and Fins, (as well as Boots and Gloves if finishing in California). 

Most divers buy their own wet suit and scuba gear too, however we do provided the major equipment items. The best scenario however, is to purchase your own equipment before your class and get use to it during class. The choice is yours. SEALS students also get a discount on all purchases...forever!


Meet your Instructor: