Top 2 ways to enjoy a lifetime of diving after getting certified..

Learning to scuba dive is relatively easy, but there are two common failures you will want to avoid:

     1) Your plans should include another 10-15 dives after class. The training dives during class are fun, but the added experience that comes from making more dives soon after certification goes a long way toward making things that much more enjoyable. So plan to take more classes, join us on some local dives, or go on a dive-dedicated vacation trip - we have one planned just for you!

     2) You'll want to own your own equipment. Simply put...if you are not in your own gear, you will spend half of every dive fiddling with new-to-you rental gear, and miss half of everything you came to see. That's just no way to have fun.


So rather than stumbling through these two possible failures, we have arranged our certification program to include a talk about your dive plans...including a special invitation to go diving with us, and an appointment to talk about your equipment plans...a chance to learn about the different choices available to you. Check it out:


Your Dive Plans

Do yourself a favor. We have a special trip just for you! As scuba class alumni, you're invited. You'll make new friends, and we'll be there too to show you around. Non-divers will love it too. How's this sound?

Join us for an affordable vacation at our favorite place on Cozumel: Scuba Club. Includes all 3 meals a day, 2 boat dives a day, and unlimited shore diving. The resort is walking distance from town and shopping, so there is always something to do and everything is at your fingertips. Dive, relax, snorkel, swim, or hangout in a hammock and read a book, it's your vacation. You can either finish your scuba certification dives when you get there, or if you are already certified you can go straight to doing shore or boat dives. The boats take us to the world famous Palancar Reef, just minutes away from the resort. Clear, warm water - you're going to love it!

Local dive activities also available. CLICK HERE to check on our next trip!

Your Gear Plans

When it comes to your own gear... It's a jungle out there. People commonly make mistakes and buy things two and three times before getting it right. That is certainly no way to save let us help.

There are many choices when it comes to equipment for diving, such as local California diving or tropical travel. So we will want to talk about your plans and then make recommendations accordingly. There is something for every budget too, so as soon as you are ready, let's arrange an appointment to walk you through the different possibilities. We also offer layaway-like terms, with free rental use while you are paying things off. Let's talk!

Call now to make an appointment! - 707-542-3100