Free Fun "Thing", Natural Bridges, August 13

Free Fun "Thing", Natural Bridges, August 13


Wade, snorkel, swim - Natural Bridges, August 13, 2017, 10am - 2pm

The Natural Bridges, known to geologists as a “karst”, has sent the waters of Coyote Creek eroding through a layer of soluble bedrock and created a unique cave or cavern.  Most people refer to it as a tunnel as this cave has two ends.  The river enters the cave from the north end and exits out of the south end.  The tunnel’s distance is about a quarter of a mile.  The inside of the tunnel is very similar to a cavern with its oddly shaped formations hanging from its roof. Bring hiking shoes for the walk to the cave, drinking water, a 1mm-3mm wetsuit, water shoes or wetsuit boots, snorkeling gear, dive light, lunch...and join us. 

More information and directions.

Come for the day, or camp at: New Melones Lake, Tuttletown Recreation Area campground. Camp fees not included.

POSSIBLE CHANGE: Due to weather and conditions, it is sometimes necessary to make last minute changes. Please be sure to confirm times and/or locations the day before.

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