FUN Dive August 25, 2019 - IN SEARCH OF BULL KELP!

FUN Dive August 25, 2019 - IN SEARCH OF BULL KELP!


plus Sea Urchin Collecting

Van Damme State park, Sunday, August 25, 9am - noon

Join Jennifer and help FEED ABALONE during these kelp-scarce times OR JUST MEET UP AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. We will meet at the dive site, evaluate conditions, gather kelp scraps from the beach if available, gear up, and go feed some hungry abalone.

Jennifer will share some great how-to tips, and also finish the dive collecting sea urchins (a competitor for kelp that would otherwise go to abalone) - some for immediate consumption on the beach. If you would like to collect some of these local urchin delicacies, you will need a fishing license, game bag, and an ab iron for getting them off the rocks. These are typically scuba dives, but freedivers are also welcome.

Bring a lunch if you want, or stop at a local restaurant on the way home.

Camp or Day Use fees not included. Remember, whenever there is a day use fee, in case conditions are not good, always drive through and check to see that we are going to stay and dive, before you pay (then hurry back and pay before parking). Map

POSSIBLE CHANGE: Due to weather and conditions, it is sometimes necessary to make last minute changes. Please be sure to confirm times and/or locations the day before.

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